May, 2011

Richard Beddow wins 2011 Ivor Novello award

Richard Beddow and the composing team have won the Best Original Video Game award for the Napoleon: Total War Soundtrack at the 2011 Ivor Novello Awards.

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Breaking Glass recording session

Recording glass breaks and smashes can be a lot of fun. The sounds are detailed with plenty of texture and interest with the many shards colliding as they break and fall. There is also a great range of tones available from the huge variety of sources such as panes, beakers, glasses, vases, mirrors etc. It [...]

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Napoleon Total War Soundtrack Review

NAPOLEON: TOTAL WAR is perhaps the strongest score in the series, and unquestioningly deserves the Ivor Novello for Best Video Game Score that it recently won. Soaring melodies, sensitive underscoring, and a solid live performance come together to produce one of the best game scores we’ve heard yet this year.

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Sega Total War Blog Interview

The following interview has been reproduced from an article posted Sega Total War Blog. The full article discusses the 2011 Ivor Novello Award nomination for the Napoleon: Total War Soundtrack.

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Develop Magazine Article: Organising Orchestras

Of the many trapdoors in creating orchestral soundtracks, one of the most common can be lazy planning and organising. In the May 2011 Edition of Develop Magazine (page 42), Richard Beddow explains his approach and how to keep everything tight.

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