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A young woman, Anna, cannot recall who she is and aimlessly walks the streets of a foreign city, plagued by nightmarish visions. She soon meets Morgan, a man who also has lost memory. Forced to trust one another, the two feel a mysterious connection: a powerful energy that bonds the two strangers together.

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Persian New Year Countdown (Sting)

Music provided for Persian New Year Countdown Sting for BBC World Service.

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William and Mary (Promo)

Martin Clunes (Goodbye Mr Chips, Men Behaving Badly) and Julie Graham (At Home with the Braithwaites) star in William and Mary, a romantic drama which follows the poignant and passionate tale of two lonely hearts looking for love.

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Fat friends (promo)

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Freesports on 4

Music used for The Newquay board masters show.

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Olympus Mini Digital Camera

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Search for the Northwest Passage

The Search for the Northwest Passage reconstructs both missions, revealing why Franklin’s two ships and 129 crew disappeared so mysteriously, and why, despite his distinct lack of teamwork, Amundsen succeeded.

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