Sound design

Watermill recording session

I’d been meaning to record some more mechanical sounds of large/small wooden and metal cogs for a while and set out to find places to do such. Fortunately, if there is one thing the UK still has, it is a healthy supply of watermill and windmills. On this occasion I found a fully functional watermill [...]

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Machines recording session

Machines are some of the most fun sources of material for air releases, hums, mechanical motors, cogs, latches, buttons and switches. Generally, the older and more worn the machine, the more interesting the sound!

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Breaking Glass recording session

Recording glass breaks and smashes can be a lot of fun. The sounds are detailed with plenty of texture and interest with the many shards colliding as they break and fall. There is also a great range of tones available from the huge variety of sources such as panes, beakers, glasses, vases, mirrors etc. It [...]

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