Film & Television

In the capacity of Sound Designer, Editor and Dubbing mixer Richard has worked on the following Film & TV Productions:

Richard’s music has been featured on many TV and Radio programmes, commercials and promo’s. Some of which include:


  • Horizon: Doctor Who Make People Walk Again (BBC)
  • Horizon: Tsunami – Naming The Dead (BBC)
  • Horizon: Who’s Afraid Of Designer Babies (BBC)
  • Days That Shook The World: Affairs Of The Crown (Discovery)
  • Panorama: Buying The Games (BBC)
  • Natural World: Mississippi Tale Of The Last River Rat (BBC)
  • Jimmy’s Farm (BBC)
  • Back On Jimmys Farm (BBC)
  • Ray Mears’ Wild Food (BBC)
  • 55 Year Old Commando (ITV)
  • How London Was Built (ITV)
  • One Life: Woman In Me (BBC)
  • Child Of Our Time : Identity Crisis (BBC)
  • Spy:Safe as houses (BBC)
  • Coal House At War (BBC)
  • How to Build A Cathedral (BBC)
  • Timewatch – The Unknown Soilders (BBC)
  • Visions of the Future (BBC)
  • The Trees That Made Britain (BBC)
  • Death By Excess: Rock Goddesses (SKY)
  • My Big Fat Moonie Wedding (Channel 4)
  • Journeys Into The Ring Of Fire (BBC)
  • Terns Of The Castle Coast (BBC)
  • Vampires: Why They Bite (BBC)
  • Search for the Northwest Passage (BBC)
  • Murder Without a Trace (BBC)
  • Karluk – surviving the arctic (BBC)
  • Evelyn Cameron Pictures From A Worthy Life
  • Spirit Of The Art

TV Programmes

  • Crimewatch UK (BBC)
  • The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4)
  • Mystery Diagnosis (SKY)
  • Cold Case Files (SKY)
  • Blue Peter (BBC)
  • Spring Watch With Bill Oddie (BBC)
  • This Morning (ITV)
  • BBC Comedy Shorts Best Of 2007 (BBC)
  • Tonight With Trevor McDonald (ITV)
  • Freesports on 4 (Channel 4)
  • Paul Ogrady Show (Channel 4)
  • Richard And Judy (Channel 4)
  • Ten Years Younger (Channel 4)
  • Wife Swap USA (Channel 4)
  • The Dog Whisperer (Sky One)
  • Opera Winfrey Show – Australian (APRA) Films
  • Cold Turkey


  • Olympus Mini Digital Camera
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • UEFA Champions League


  • William and Mary (ITV)
  • Dirty Filthy Love (ITV)
  • Fat Friends (ITV)
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