Richard is a hardworking and passionate audio/visual professional whose work experience can be broadly categorised as a creative Sound Designer, Composer and Audio Manager having performed roles that often incorporate elements of all 3 throughout the entertainment industry.

  • Sound Design
  • Music Production (Orchestral to contemporary electronic)
  • Orchestration & arrangement
  • Audio to picture work
  • Audio direction & team management
  • Audio editing, mixing & DSP signal processing
  • Studio, foley & field location recording
  • Track laying
  • MIDI programming and automation
  • Running and maintaining studio operations
  • ProTools skilled
  • Multi-platform experience (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast, PC, DS, GBA, Mobile)
  • Game audio implementation, using in-house and 3rd party systems such as FMOD and Miles.
  • Game audio tools specification and design.
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